A lil’ about Canteen

The Canteen in the College, is sandwiched between the library and amphitheatre. Behind it, is the ground.

The Canteen is small. I think it can accomodate 50 persons maximum at a particular time. The dome shaped roof and the two windows, provides ample sunlight and it makes it feel a little less claustrophobic. In the name of seating, well plastic chairs and tables will be all. Though there are two tall tiled table structures (about 5 feet high), which should be your go to place if you want to eat.

The menu is straight, all fast food. The Canteen has paties (paneer and aloo ones), sandwich, burgers, kurkure, lays, biscuits of various brands and other eateries. The affair to get them is simple, walk up to the counter, ask for them and pay.

What i think

I am not a fan of Canteen in Institutes, and never have been. For others, it might be a place to hang out with their friends, but so is the ground and the benches under the tree.

Give or take, it is one of the place the College offers to us, the students. And It is a good place to spend time when you have it. Also, food, the love of life, is here.

A visit, once in a month, will suffice for me.